Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Preparing to roll up to Tahoe this weekend. I haven't looked at any houses in the area for a while (since my last trip) and Shelley's mom is coming to Tahoe for a short vacation. We haven't seen her mom for a while and I am sure Zeke is up for the road trip also.

I figure that we'll leave on Friday or Saturday and spend the night in either Placerville or South Lake Tahoe ( We've found several hotels that accept dogs and Zeke doesn't seem to get to freaked out by the rooms). Besides, there are several newly listed houses in the area that seem to be worth checking out. Their housing market appears to be cooling slightly, with many house prices being reduced. Most have a few acres of land and are pretty secluded from the neighbors. Hopefully, this will be a good time to buy.


My only concern is the weather right now: it looks like a high in the low 30's with a possibility of snow showers. While my car is 4WD, I am not sure that is up to the full rigors of the Sierra winter. I've taken it up into the mountains when it was snowing before, but it looks like they have a lot more snow pack now. I'll just play it by ear and see how far we get.

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