Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Enhancing The HTPC

Been screwing with my HTPC (Home Theatre PC) rig over the last few days and decided that I need more than just my Beyond TV software and games. I really wanted to use the machine for a lot more like music playing and basic Internet browsing. However, even at the largest Windows XP font sizes, it is impossible to read the interface from across the room. After a quick Google search, I found a program that helped me along -- My HTPC.

My HTPC puts a 10' Foot User Interface (10UI) on top of Windows that allows me to:
  • Launch arbitary programs (like games)
  • View weather forecasts from weather.com
  • Listen to MP3s
  • View DVDs
  • View pictures through a slideshow

There are also some other plug-ins that interface to DVR software packages -- I just use a little program launcher for my Beyond TV. Even better, all this works with the same remote that I already use.

So far this is working out well. And the weather forecast (especially the RADAR picture) is very cool. I would certainly like to see more plug-ins and Internet integration (maybe a RSS viewer ?), it seems to be the best thing out there today.

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