Friday, December 31, 2004

And Home Again

So my home stay didn't last long, as I made another trip back to Ohio last weekend. And although it was bitterly cold there, I am wondering if their weather isn't better than ours -- It has rained almost non-stop here for three days and further up the foothills into Tahoe they have gotten 6+ feet of snow. They closed down I-50 (the highway that leads from El Dorado Hills to Lake Tahoe) for a good part of yesterday. Here is some more coverage: The new year will come storming in -

Monday, December 20, 2004

Home And Back

Home And Back

I caught an early Xmas at my mother's house in Ohio this year. I usually fly "home" on Christmas day, but the flights were exhorbinantly priced this year(probably due to the holiday falling on a Saturday). Either way, it was nice getting back - even if today is only 5F.

Brian and I got some time to reconstruct his rig with a new 200GB hard drive and sample the newest coffeehouses. His Cup O' Joe isn't half bad.

The unfortunate thing about these trips is the flight:stay ratio - I fly about 16 hours for a 48 hour visit.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Feedburner Redux

So after talking to Brian, it seems that my post about my enhanced RSS feed was less than clear (see Wander: More With Fun RSS). Feedburner enhances your common RSS feed with a number of doodads that are quite handy.

SmartFeed™ converts your RSS feed between the myriad of formats available for syndication (RSS 0.94, 1, 2 or Atom) on the fly so that anyone who asks for it, gets it in the version they need. It also offers a ton of other enhancements like statistics and brnading (putting logo in feed). However, the coolest features (and the ones that drew me to it) was feed splicing. Feed splicing inserts other content into your RSS feed. Think of it as merging your RSS feed with other RSS feeds. For example, I am "link splicing" my Bloglines RSS stream (from my Bloglines clipping blog) into my RSS feed - all my postings there just show up in my feedburner feed intermingled with my blogger posts. I am doing the same thing with Flickr -- my photos just show up in the feed as I post them. Basically, everything I am posting these days shows up in this RSS feed.

They also give you this cool flash animated headline button: Wander

Subscribe to my Feedburner RSS here.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Blue Rock Shoot

I had a quick turn-around after getting back from New York on Tuesday and headed down to the Bay Area. Since I had a few meetings at HQ over the week, I decided to stay down in my old home town, Los Gatos. Los Gatos hasn't changed much, but seems to have gotten a little bit pricier. My old house that I used to rent was still there and actually available to be rented (I'll have to look it up online to see how much they are gauging the new tenants).

Blue Rock Shoot

As nothing was that new in LG, I decided to take my coffee in Saratoga this morning. After checking to make sure that my favorite dot com era restaurant (The Basin) was still in business, I settled into my favorite coffee shop in the world. Blue Rock Shoot is just about everything that you would want in a coffee shop: An abundance of wild wood tables, free wireless internet, good coffee, small mountain town atmostphere and most importantly stiff drinks (Starbucks really should serve alcohol). I settle down and enjoyed my Americano with the locals before I had to scoot into Menlo Park for a meeting.

Monday, December 06, 2004



I'm in rainy, drizzly, freezing cold New York City today, helping out some clients. Luckily, I got to stay right here in midtown, next to Grand Central Station. My office is only 2 blocks away and my client is across the street. This photo is from my client's office on Park Avenue around the 40th floor.

We didn't get a chance to go out to any good bars (or watch MNF), but we did have a good dinner at a place called Tuscan.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


As my location sidebar says, I'm visiting Boulder, Colorado this week to attend a few meetings. I've always really liked coming to Boulder since it's so close to the Front Range of the Rockies -- Even though they are 20 miles away. This picture was taken on the way south to our office in Broomfield, near the University of Colorado campus.

In less pleasant news, it is friggin' cold here. Even the locals are saying that 15F is cold for this time of year.

More With Fun RSS

So I have been experimenting with ways to improve my blog lately (i.e. switching from Hello! to Flickr for my photo syndication) but I am stuck with the vast amount of time that it takes to sit down to actually use the web (surf, collate, blog, discard spam, etc.) and the paucity of free time in my life. I had hoped that I could simply manufacture more idle time by using my mobile phone more fully (I post most of my blog entries via email from my Treo 600 while I am in transit), but it doesn't really help me read to keep up with whats really out there.

So I've been thinking that it would be nice to be able to tag all the articles I read that I find salacious interesting (that I usually repost here), have Flickr autopost all my new pictures and occassionally blog (like I am doing here).

And that's when I saw the feed splicer that Feedburner is doing with Flickr and Bloglines. This is cool.

You can check out my feedburner splice here:

You can just click on it and it will render in your browser. Or you can add it to the RSS reader feeds.

I'm still working out the bugs, but this seems cool.