Thursday, January 01, 2004

The Search Begins . . .

Spent the entire weekend searching for a new house and trying to sell my current house.

The searching part of the weekend went well. We have seen quite a few places in El Dorado Hills, which is just east of Sacramento on the way to Lake Tahoe. El Dorado Hills borders on Folsom Lake and boasts miles of trails for biking and rivers for kayaking. Kelly and I liked this one best, but I don't think Shelley agreed. Crap, after living in the Bay Area for seven years, the sight of "real" houses under $750,000 has almost brought tears to my eyes.

The selling part of the weekend also seemed to go well. Our realtor created a virtual tour for our house, which turned out better than the house actually looks. Along with the virtual tour, she had a open house today which attracted about 15 people. Maybe something comes of that. Either way, we finally have the house in "selling" shape so things actually look decent.

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