Friday, January 23, 2004

Chance Encounter

Got a surprise today: Mark is here in Tokyo. Turns out his company sent him over to work with his Japanese distributor and give some kind of seminar. Even better, he's staying in a hotel just across the street from my hotel in Shinjuku. The odds of two guys who play fantasy baseball together travelling 8,000 miles from home ending up across the street from each other in one of the largest cities on earth is astounding.

I caught up with him Thursday night, just after he had learned that most of his efforts to land a huge deal had gone sideways on him. We went out to a nearby Ginza Lion (local chain of Japanese pubs) and drowned his sorrows with his Japanese mate. After a few beers and snacks, we parted ways with Mark's colleague and met up with Jim at my hotel. Jim was feeling like more food so we wandered over to I-Land and had a more formal dinner of Yakiniku (meat similar to Korean BBQ). It turned out that Jim and Mark had a few things in common (Russians, work colleagues, etc.) so the entire evening was cool.

Didn't catch up with Mark again this week -- He fixed his client problems so I am sure he is hip deep in work. I think he's back to Boston sometime later this weekend.

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