Sunday, January 25, 2004

Back In The USA

As you can see from my "Where's Ken ?" box on the right column, I've made it back from Japan.

After 9 hours of flying back to the Bay Area, I hit the house and immediately fell into a deep coma. This wouldn't have been to bad, but flying home from Japan requires you to leave in the late afternoon and arrive back at SFO in early morning. As such, I slept away Saturday and emerged from my coma just in time to see the local stations retiring for the night.

Not that being up all night is bad. It has given me some time to catch up on some recorded shows (my HTPC rig has about 40 shows waiting for me), check on my finances (Sun's stock seems to have stalled) and update my weblog. I even got a chance to read some of my email.

I've got a few weeks before my next trip, so I hope we sell the the house and find a new one. Our last offer went south on us when the buyer got cold feet. We still have one waiting, but it is contingent on the buyer selling their property. Of course, this is somewhat good news for us as we have no idea where we want to live.

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