Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Singha Stop

Another quick stop on my around the world trip brings me here to Bangkok. I haven't been in Thailand for about 4 years (since an ill-fated bank deal) and much has changed. They have a new airport (more in a second), a lot of new buildings but the same old traffic. I have to say that I am pretty disappointed in the airport. While other places in Southern Asia have some of the best airports in the world (Changi in Singapore and KLIA in Malaysia), Thailand appears to have bungled theirs. Exposed concrete beams, crazy long immigration lines and a total lack of amenities make me feel . . . like I am in an American airport. Except for the purple sword wielding ninjas Buddhas.

But enough bitching. I got a pretty nice hotel (Grand Hyatt Erawon) and a day or two of downtime somewhere most people pay good money to vacation in. So what did I do? Drink. Yeah, spent almost my entire Sunday sitting in a beer garden drinking beer and writing (which i am really behind on).

That is not to say that I wasted my entire weekend. I did get a chance to see a few things along the way to the beer gardens. The easiest was right next store to the hotel: The Erawan Shrine. Apparently this was built to appease superstitious locals during the construction of the hotel and has remained for hte past forty years. It's pretty packed twenty hours a day or so. I took this photo around 11 PM on Saturday night.

I'm off to Australia to round out my trip.

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