Thursday, August 23, 2007

48 Hours

hobchicago.jpgSpent last weekend visiting my old hometown Chicago. It was a super quick trip (in on Friday afternoon and out Sunday noon) to meet up with Ron and Fred, but I managed to hit maximum nightlife even while being pretty sick.

We managed to "visit" Stanleys, RedFish, Portillos, US Beer, Goose Island,Cubby Bear, The Barlycorn and a few others that I don't think I can remember. I think the best part of the whole weekend was finding out how little my old neighborhood had changed over the past few years. Sure there were some new buildings and such, but most of my old haunts survive.

I'm off to Singapore right now. As I type, I am sitting above my gate in Hong Kong International Airport waiting for them to kick me out of the Red Carpet Club. I hope to have some movies to post this weekend, as I have a my Saturday free.

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