Thursday, August 09, 2007

Last Stop

After another overnight flight, I arrived in Australia for the last stop on the magical tour. Wednesday was a business breakfast and lunch with executives. While the lunch was non-descript business, we had spectacular location in the Circular Quay cruise ship passenger terminal. The weather was absolutely perfect. This is the obligatory shot of the Opera House from the balcony of the terminal.

Unfortuantely, I didn't get much of a chance to enjoy the weather. I had to immediately jumped on a plane down to Melbourne for another set of meetings. Up early for breakfast presentation to partners, a quick stop into office where I got to have massive flat white at Metro with colleagues. I've never posted this in my months of work down in Melbourne (which is a curious ommission with my peroccupation with java), but Metro makes two sizes of latte: just right and larger-than-your-head. Young Brett got a larger-than-your-head flat white to cope with the nocturnal adventures of his young son:

I got through my lunch presentation and headed directly back to the airport and Sydney. That night I caught up with Niall for Indian food at Karmas then some drinks. He took me to a new bar in the Rocks -- The Argyle. It was a bit too trendy but pretty nice. Lots of open space and different areas.

And they had Asahi on tap. Thumbs up there.

With that my little trip was done. I caught a 747 back to San Francisco the next morning.

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jesse said...

wow! that was surely a busy a day in Australia!