Thursday, April 20, 2006

Getting Ready

So I am in a conundrum today. The beta version of Ubuntu 06.06 (Dapper Drake) was released this morning (which has several upgrades that I need), but I am really trying to finish the last two chapters of the second edition of my book (which are now really late) and I leave for South America next week. When I used to work in Asia, I wouldn't even contemplate doing an upgrade to my laptop when I was a getting towards a trip -- it's just to easy to hose something up and then be left in Olangapo City without a working system or a way to repair it. But I am feeling pretty confident about this upgrade (I've been using the live CD on every release) and I am only going to talk to a few people . . . . Maybe I will upgrade if I get writing done. By the way, they have already started planning the next version of Ubuntu: Edgy Eft (Planning Dapper+1)

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