Wednesday, April 26, 2006

12 Hours Of Brazil

Sao Paulo
After my unintended stopover in Dallas yesterday, I spent the night (10 hours) flying over the Gulf of Mexico and then the Amazon before I arrived in Sao Paulo, Brazil this morning. Sao Paulo is Brazil's largest city with over 15M residents but morning rush hour traffic wasn't bad at all. I got to see a bit of the city (airport is north and my office is south), but since I now only have 12 hours or so in Brazil (I leave tonight for Buenos Aires), it was a little disappointing. Maybe I'll see more at lunch or the drive back to the airport tonight.

Brazilian Coffee Machine
I did see a lot of my office this morning. Since I couldn't sleep at all on my flight, my first order of business was finding some strong coffee. Which I did; An automatic expresso machine is installed on every floor of our office. Unfortunately, my portugese is incredibly poor and it took me five attempts to get a latte without two inches of sugar in the bottom (for future reference, "sem amacor" appears to mean "without sugar"). It will be nice to get to Argentina tonight where I can at least stumble through some Spanglish.

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