Saturday, April 29, 2006

Back To The Northern Hemisphere

Spent my last afternoon in BA visiting clients in the Financial district. This wasn't too bad since we only had two clients and got to walk between them. This picture (left) was taken on Florida Street, the most famous shopping street in Buenos Aires. It's packed at lunchtime on Fridays -- especially because Monday is Labor Day in Argentina.

We also got to peek inside one of the upscale malls downtown. Nothing to earthshaking here (they've got the normal complement of stores, just slightly different from our Gaps) but they did have some pretty cool architecture and paintings on the ceiling.

While Argentina has been great, I was more than ready to get back home. After spending two days getting to South America, then spending a whirlwind 12 hours in Brazil and meeting 7 clients in Argentina, I am pooped. I was certainly not looking forward to the 11 hour flight back to DFW (in economy since all my frequent flyer priviledges have expired), it's still nice to be home.

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