Sunday, March 13, 2005


As most of you already know (since I called you up to laugh at your cold weather), it has been in the mid 80s most of the weekend here in NorCal. So besides my usual golf endeavors, I've been taking my bike out for a few rides.

This pictures shows some of the downsides of my rides. As EDH is in the Sierra foothills and pretty arid, we get your normal desert critters. This rattlesnake was blocking my favorite bike trail, so I stopped to shoo him off. He was polite at first, slithering rapidly across the trail until I bent down to get a closer picture (The thing that every park ranger tells you to do when you see a dangerous reptile). He stopped dead on the trail when I took this picture, then raised his head up and started shaking his rattle. I took this as the warning it was and backed off.

This reminds me to update Louie and Zeke's rattlesnake bite booster shots this week.

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