Monday, March 21, 2005

Enemy of the State

The weather went from the best of times to the worst of times. Or something like that. We have had four days of thunderstorms and heavy rain (Tahoe is snowed in again) that finally broke for a few hours today. After playing a bit of golf, I took Louie up to Folsom Lake to check out the new Homeland Defense reinforcements.

For those of you not in the area, Folsom Lake sits about 45 miles west and 500 feet above California's state capital, Sacramento, and the rest of the California valley. It's a huge lake (18,000 acres) that was formed by the Folsom Dam (which is next to Folsom Prison). Across the dam, runs Folsom Dam Road, which connects Folsom/EDH (where I live) and the Orangevale/Granite Bay (where Kelly lives).

After 9/11, Folsom Dam Road was closed due to security concerns (Blow up the dam by driving explosive ladden truck across it and flood Sacramento and the California valley). Also considered was the southern side, which is within view of my house. As there is no road here (just a bike path), they decided to put these super high-tech, retractable barriers at either end. I am still not sure what the solar collector is for, but I bet it is super secret.

While I think this is pretty cool (although I am leery of riding my bike over them), Louie is a little wigged out by them.

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