Saturday, September 04, 2004

Tire Review

I've finally solved my constant puncture problems with my new Specialized Roller X tires and I have to say they are actually pretty good. They've got good traction on the uphill and rocky sections, but still roll pretty fast over the straight aways. I've put about 75 miles on them in the past week or so and they've held up like champs. The Roller Xs also got awarded second place in the new Bike Magazine XC tire shootout. Posted by Hello


Brian Pepple said...

Do these tires have a thicker tread than your previous ones?

Anonymous said...

Nah, these are the same ones. I found that if I didn't ride the one trail by my house, I didn't get those needle thin punctures. Haven't gotten a single one since I stopped riding that trail. /k

Brian Pepple said...

Makes sense. That first section of that trail was totally covered in thorns.

/k said...

The top 10 bike tires from Mountain Bike Action (
9(tie). WTB Weirwolf Race
9(tie). Maxxis Mobster
8. Continental Vapor Protection
7. Hutchinson Scorpion Tubeless Light
6. Maxxis Ranchero
5. Continental Survival Protection
4. Hutchinson Spider Tubeless
3. Ritchey Z.E.D. Race WCS
2. Specialized Roll X Pro
1. Kenda Nevegal Lite