Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Canadian Doofus Sighting

Yet another Segway doofus sighting. Now the Las Vegas sighting could be easily explained away, as it was his job and 110F there, but this fool in Calgary, Canada has some serious explaining to do. Not only was it raining and 40F, he had rode his dork-mobile into the lobby of the Westin Hotel five minutes earlier . . . Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

You've got to stop refering to Segways users as dorks, mate. They laughed at cars too when they first came out. This guy in Calgary isn't me, but it could have been. There are many of us here who use Segways instead of cars in a city designed primarily with cars in mind. None of Dean Kamen's other inventions have failed, and they took a decade to catch on. It took 20 years for the car to take off. I guarantee, in 20 years nobody will be laughing at Segways.