Monday, March 19, 2007

Mt Buller Beerfest

After my day of hard riding, I attended the Mt Buller BeerFest which was held practically outside the front door of my hotel in the Village Center. It was a small, intimate affair -- there were only about 100 people on the mountain -- but we still had more than 50 people of all ages.
  • Mountain Goat Hightail Ale: Malty. Rich smooth finish. Low hoppyness. Nice. 85.
  • Jamison Mountain Ale: Darker. Even malty-er. nice finish. Higher alcohol -- maybe like a barley wine. Dark wheatbeer. 88.
  • James Squire Amber: somewhere in between the others. More hops, less malt.
  • Bearings Draft: Lighter, pilsner type. Geelong based. Nice but a little nondescript. 82 at best.
  • Holgate White Ale: Belgian. Banana esthers. White. More hoegarden than hoegarden. 86.
  • Chieftain Amber: Nice. Malty but complex. Interesting finish. Beer drinkers beer.
  • What's Brewing Amber: Nice but not remembersal (?). I might go visit these guys, since they are just down the road from Melbourne in Geelong.
  • Holgate Winter Ale: Porter. Unique in Australia. Nice. Not extremely chocolately but very drinkable w/ a smooth after taste.
The picture below shows the Village Center, the beer tents and the "band."
I think I may have some more beers, but truthfully, I don't think I could remember how to work my Treo after the Winter Ale. I topped the night off with some of my new found mountain bike rider friends at the only pub/restaurant open on the mountain.

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