Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tokyo in San Francisco

In recent years, I have noticed that San Francisco is becoming more and more like Tokyo. Of course, this could be happening everywhere, but I guess I notice it the most here. Some of this is good (Toyko is very cool), some of this is bad (I don't think I could live there). In the good column are vending machines. Everything in Japan is available via a vending machine: beer (even mini-kegs), espresso, books and all sorts of food. San Francisco has picked up on this trend mostly on the high end.You can now find vending machines that sell mobile phones, iPods and headphones. The one above sells Motorola Razr phones and accessories. Below is one that sells iPod accessories (and aspirin).I was pretty close to picking up these iPod speakers (so that I could rock on the plane -- yes, I am that guy), but the machine at SFO was broken.

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