Saturday, January 27, 2007

More Robots

Jim and I have been searching for something to do tonight, it being the day after Australia Day here in Sydney, and thought we had a winner in Devolution. It was described as a performance piece exploring technology and art. Cool, robots. And Jim likes the whole performance art thing. Fine. As long as there are robots.We cruise down to the theater which is a converted factory. The space is pretty cool, and they serve beer, so I am good. However, this quickly goes south when I find out we can't take the beer into the actual seating area.
This gets worse when I figure out that "performance art" is actually code word for "fruity dancing." Lots of fruity dancing. And some nudity. Male nudity. There are some robots: two tyrannosaurus rex thingies, three ETs and several spider looking things. They were good. But I can sum up my review for the "piece" in two words: More. Robots.
The night wasn't a total loss; We stopped at the 3 Wise Monkeys on the way home.


dave said...

During our trip to Syndey we stayed right about the corner from the three monkeys and found it to be a real nice place also. Hope your enjoying you time - still wondering about the flag on the ass thing.


/k said...

Hmmm . . . yeah didn't explain the flag thing very well. So Australia Day is also Flag Day. And for flag day everyone carries a flag, or as the kids do, get a temporary tattoo for their face, shoulder or buttocks.

No I don't have one.