Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Laptop Woes

My laptop (Averatec 3270), which has been flaking out on me for while, finally turned the bend this week. After narrowly surviving my last two months of travel, it developed the annoying tick of turning off the screen backlighting just before christmas. This gradually got worse over the past few days so now it only goes for about 15 minutes before the screen turns black. I thought it was just a operating system setting or bug, but it's been happening whether I boot into Windows or Ubuntu so its got to be hardware. I attempted some open-heart surgery on the little bastard yesterday, but nothing seemed loose or burned. And when I put it back together, the same problem kept coming back.

And since I can't really be without a laptop due to my line of work, I ordered a Black MacBook (as you do). I'm just breaking it in, but it seems pretty good so far. I'm not sure I love MacOS X, but the built-in video camera is pretty cool.

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