Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Browser

Wow. I upgraded to Firefox 1.5 on Ubuntu and it is so much faster that it doesn't even seem like the same browser. I had heard that there were some memory leak issues with the 1.07 supplied browser with Ubuntu 5.10, but this is amazing.

I actually only upgraded so that I could run performancing, a new blogging tool implemented as a firefox extension.

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Brian Pepple said...

This hasn't hit FC4 yet, and I probably won't be switching over to Rawhide for another week or so. Also, I've been using Epiphany for the last couple of months, and I'm so use to how they handle bookmarks that I have a hell of a time switching back to Firefox.

I did install the VMPlayer earlier this week with the Ubuntu virtual machine, so I might tryout Firefox 1.5 there. One thing I've had problems with is that when I running the VMPlayer, and switch the focus back to my main desktop, Nautilus almost always crashes. Though, I'm guessing it's more a problem with my desktop and less to do with VMPlayer, since I've been noticing more stability issues with Nautilus in general for the last few weeks.