Friday, December 02, 2005

Juan Valdez

Juan Valdez Coffee
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Yes, there is a Juan Valdez (I think he's passed away though).
Yes, they do sell his coffee (actually Juan Valdez cafe are the Colombian equivalent of Starbucks).
And, oh yes, I am that big of a sucker to actually buy it (one each of Vulcan, Sierra and Cumbre 8.8 oz. whole bean bags for about USD$11 total).

Yes, it does smell muy bueno.

And no, I did not get strip-searched coming back through Miami.

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Anonymous said...

No he's not dead, he just retired. We have a new Juan. He's younger.

But, did you know, that Juan Valdez started as a ficticous character, but later the actor changed his name legally to Juan Valdez.

But yeah, just for your knowledge, Juan Valdez is still alive an well in Columbia.