Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sydney FFF: Starbuck Pies

Starbuck Pies
Originally uploaded by /k.
Since I've stopped frequenting McD's and Starbucks has become so international, I think it is time for my first Starbucks' FFF.

Today's FFF: Chunky Meat Pies.

Captured at Starbucks at Circular Quey in Sydney.


Brian Pepple said...

That's the Starbucks near the Imax theater isn't it? Must be a new item, since I don't remember them serving anything that nasty when I was there.

/k said...

Meat pies are delicacy here in Australia. You can get probably 20 different types of them and there are entire stores which serve nothing else.

This starbucks in the one over by the Ferrys at Circular Quey.