Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Feedburner Redux

So after talking to Brian, it seems that my post about my enhanced RSS feed was less than clear (see Wander: More With Fun RSS). Feedburner enhances your common RSS feed with a number of doodads that are quite handy.

SmartFeed™ converts your RSS feed between the myriad of formats available for syndication (RSS 0.94, 1, 2 or Atom) on the fly so that anyone who asks for it, gets it in the version they need. It also offers a ton of other enhancements like statistics and brnading (putting logo in feed). However, the coolest features (and the ones that drew me to it) was feed splicing. Feed splicing inserts other content into your RSS feed. Think of it as merging your RSS feed with other RSS feeds. For example, I am "link splicing" my Bloglines RSS stream (from my Bloglines clipping blog) into my RSS feed - all my postings there just show up in my feedburner feed intermingled with my blogger posts. I am doing the same thing with Flickr -- my photos just show up in the feed as I post them. Basically, everything I am posting these days shows up in this RSS feed.

They also give you this cool flash animated headline button: Wander

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