Sunday, October 31, 2004

Sony PSP Price !

Shiny Plastic has a blurb from CNet about the Sony PSP Playstation Portable Price and Release Date (CNet article here).

To make a long story short, these bad boys may be released in March 2005 for only $150. Most analysts were expecting it to ship next Christmas for $350. At the $150 price, this really starts to make sense and will probably push Tapwave's Zodiac out of business.

I am already rethinking my resistance to this gadget.


Brian Pepple said...

That's a lower price than I would have figured. A lot of people are going to jump on this quick.

/k said...

Yeah. They say they are looking to compete with the Nintendo DS (around $149). This is really a shot across the bow of Microsoft too - at that price it might tempt some people to forget about Xbox II and PS3.

Brian Pepple said...

Depends how much MS ends up charging for the next X-Box. They will have to price it low enough to compete against the PS3.