Friday, October 22, 2004

BBQ & The South

So after a short sleep (see yesterday's entry), I trudged through my work day (evaluating a new company's technology). Finishing up around 7 pm, two of my colleagues and myself decided to get some BBQ (being in the South and all). Acquiring the prerequesite local knowledge (Dreamland was the place), we headed out.

Good lord, I ate a lot of BBQ at Dreamland. I have never seen such a large slab of ribs. I could only eat 3/4 of the slab. I had enough left over for two normal people's meals.

Overall, the BBQ was quite good (I liked the Brunswick soup). Certainly different from Kansas City style (more vinegar, less heat) and Memphis dry rub, but still better than anything we would get here in Cali.

The best part of the night was as we were leaving. We basically closed the place (watching BoSox game), but a woman came in just as the staff was letting us out. She had rushed over after work to grab some BBQ before heading home. "Sorry, were closed" was the wait staff response. So, my colleague offers her his doggie bag / half slab. Without batting an eye, she accepts and drives away. No questioning who we are, no asking what was in the bag, nothing just "Y'all so kind. Thanks for the BBQ".

I believe stories like this only happen in the South.

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