Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Month of Travel, All Within The Country

Sorry it's been so long between posts, but I've really, really liked seeing that moose head picture on the top of my blog.

It's been a long two months of travel (October and November) and for once I haven't even left the safe confines of the US of A. After coming home from my sister's wedding in mid-October, I visited Santa Cruz, Honolulu, Disneyland (SoCal) and Las Vegas:
  • Honolulu

    Honolulu was nice. I was there for a company junket and it was only for four days, but Hawaii is still Hawaii.
    Diamond Head from Pink Palace

    Shelley and I hadn't been to Hawaii in about three years and really enjoyed ourselves -- mostly doing nothing.

  • SoCal

    Later that week, we had to go to another junket -- but this time for Shelley's company. I was dreading going to this (as it was at Disneyland) but it turned out pretty damn good. Weather was cool and the park was mostly empty.
    California Adventure

    Shelley got to meet the Incredibles.
    Meeting Mr Incredible

    And we snuck out of the company festivities on Sunday to go down to the coast. This is Newport Beach just at sunset.
    Newport Beach Pier

  • Vegas

    Just a week after getting back from SoCal, I was off to Las Vegas for a week to help run a training conference for my company. It was friggin exhausting, but I did get to go to a subzero bar (Minus 5 Experience).
    King in Ice

    Yes, this was a complete waste of money. And yes, that is Elvis. But I think that is the point of Vegas.
I've just got back from Chicago and Columbus this week, which rounds out my travel for the year. I'll try and get those pictures up this week.

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