Wednesday, April 09, 2008

February + March Update

Let's see, where did I leave off in February?

Oh yeah. I got back from China and was actually in NorCal for a few weeks. This bliss was interrupted by a weeklong trip to (suburban) Chicago for a work conference. The picture below basically sums that trip up:

Snow and boredom.

I was home barely 48 hours when I headed out for Seoul and more meetings. This was simply boring. Not even photo worthy as I basically walked between my hotel and the office for four days.

Escaping the cold in Seoul, I flew down to Hong Kong for, yes, more meetings. At least the weather was quite better, so I could at least get out and see some nightlife. I hadn't been to Hong Kong for several years, so I just wandered around for the most part.

The one highlight of this whole trip was a touristy trip to the top of Hong Kong island (The Peak) to have dinner. As I didn't have to expense the beer nor the food, it was quite enjoyable.

That pretty much ended the international part of my travel. Unfortunately, I had one more set of meetings down in Santa Cruz. Once that was done, I have basically been home. Except last weekend's trip to New Orleans, which would be a entirely different post.

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