Friday, February 08, 2008


jinmaobuilding.pngTrying to catch up on my bloging.
This is the Jin Mao Building in Shanghai. And my hotel when I stay there (Grand Hyatt Shanghai). Reportedly the tallest hotel in the world (the lobby is on the 54th floor). My room was on the 67 floor and it made me dizzy going up the elevators (it took THREE to get to my room). There's a bar on the top floor and you actually look down on the Shanghai needle (actually called the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower) from the window. Trippy.

However, the thing that strikes me most about the hotel is the design. Whenever I see it, I expect to see the bat signal silhouette on it's side.


Anonymous said...

please post a pic looking down on the needle.

/k said...

The pic looking down is over over on flickr at