Sunday, June 24, 2007

Goodbye Australia

Since Friday was my last day in Australia after my eight month stint, I decided to do two uniquely Australian things to round out my stay.


The inexplicable game that is Australian Rules Football is a insanity passion in Melbourne. Friday night, I snagged a ticket to see the battle for last place between Richmond and Melbourne (most of the teams are suburban Melbourne neighborhoods). Life was good -- we were rooting for Richmond (go tigers) and they thumped Melbourne 124 - 75.

Less good was bitter cold (it dropped to about 40F) and the 8 renditions of the Tigers fight song that we had to endure after the game. Here in the US, we can only hope that it doesn't invade our shores.


A brown, salty paste that is commonly spread on toast. It is vile. Or so I remember from the last time I tried it in 1999.

And I am happy to report that nothing has changed. Vegemite, still nasty.

This completes my prolonged assignment in Australia. I'm home for a stretch, then off to India, Malaysia and . . . Sydney again.

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