Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Moving Offices

Sartory Coffee
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Over the past year, I have used the local It's A Grind as my office away from home. While it has served with distinction, I had chosen it mostly because there wasn't anything else available. However, in the last three months everything has changed; Three new coffeeshops have opened in the greater EDH/Folsom area. There is now a Starbucks that I can almost see from my house, a Peet's (Bay Area favorite) and an independent coffee shop in EDH. The independent shop, Sartory Coffee, has emerged as the early frontrunner for a share of my mobile office coffee drinking. Sporting slightly higher quality coffee than Starbucks or It's A Grind (but probably not Peet's), Sartory breaks new ground by serving beer and wine. This is obviously a huge plus. They are open outrageous hours (nights until 11:30 PM). Of course, they have free internet (I'm posting from it now). And finally, they show movies on Monday night. Shelley and I caught part of Chocolat last night.

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