Friday, August 19, 2005

Races 2 & 3: PCRS Flash 1 & Northstar XC Finale

PRCA Race 1
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Got in a busy week of mountian bike racing this week with the start of the Prairie City Race Series starting and the finish of the Northstar XC series.

I started Wednesday over in the OHV in Prairie City (just down the road from me on the other side of US-50) to do the PCRS races. They put on a damn fun race -- they use the motocross course full of bermed turns, steep decents/ascents, drop offs and 2' whoops through the 3 miles course. With the race being just two laps for begineers, this is a pretty full on race from the get go. I raced begineer again (they divided it into 35- and 36+ which rocked). Although I endo'd on one of the bermed turns (a mean 4ft high, 270 degree berm) and laid my bike down on a descent, I won my age bracket and came in second overall in the begineer class. I'm the person in the back with the long sleeve jersey in the picture.

Things didn't fair as well for the Northstar at Tahoe series finale. They shortened the course length from 4.5 miles to 3 miles but added a second lap for our class. After racing the night before, I was spent and the extra lap of climbing didn't help. I limped into 7th place in my class which dropped me to 10th place on the final series point list. I'll have to start earlier next year to be competitive in this series.

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