Friday, January 07, 2005

Silicon Foothills

Since I moved out of the valley last spring, I have been pretty blissful living out of the constant tech, pre-IPO, stealth mode business plan discussing zone. However, in the last few weeks I have started to feel a little isolated -- maybe it's the constant winter rain or the long break. Either way, I have found my fix in local coffeeshop. It appears that my coffeeshop in Folsom is the nexus of the Foothills technorati. Over the past three days, I have met tons of people from Intel (large design facility nearby), JiWire (local startup), WebEx and EDS (Freedom Center NOC is nearby). I might have actually found the best of both worlds.


Brian Pepple said...

Is that the Starbucks by that greek restaurant we went to with Homer?

/k said...

Nah . . . it's a "it's a grind" over in Folsom. The Starbucks is in Granite Bay.

/k said...

They have free internet at this one, so I can stay most of the day there.