Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Fall (when the llamas return)

It's a beautiful fall day, unlike last week when Brian was visiting. And with beautiful falls days, come llamas.

This llama lives on our back fence line. He's been gone lately (not sure where llamas go - perhaps on the llama show circuit ?), but has reappeared now that the weather has gotten nice.


Anonymous said...

And those bastards in San Juan Capistrano think they are alll cool with their swallows migrating in and out. Those stinking birds got nothing on the EDH llamas! Now, why in the hell do you have South American pack animals roaming around your 'hood?


/k said...

My hood is in rural suburbia . . . and we are a bit more rural than suburbian. On the fence are two llamas, two alpacas (I think) and two ponies. Next to the farm is a white horse and across the street are some cows.

Wider view:

As long as the coyotes and wild turkeys stay off my property, I'm good.