Saturday, August 21, 2004

Counter-Strike Source

The folks at Valve have updated Counter-Strike's graphics while keeping the gameplay engine:

mutewinter writes " has posted an article reviewing the recent CounterStrike Source beta. What is unusual about Source is that it keeps the same gameplay, including guns and maps, of the original CounterStrike and simply brings CounterStrike (which uses the original Half Life engine) up to date graphically. Imagine if Doom 3 had been just like the original Doom, but with a better engine. Many gamers look down on recycled content, but is this a problem for a 5 year old game that is still as popular as ever?" [Slashdot]
Damn, these guys have gotten so much out of this bit of coding, it is sick. However, its still one of the best games out there (after 5 years). Go grab it via Steam.

BTW . . . Steam is also publishing their RSS feed.

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