Thursday, July 08, 2004

VooDoo Back In Business

Brian noted that my favorite hardtail mountain bicycle maker is back in business.
VooDoo closed shop in the US in the fall of 1999 and left a loyal following that still wonder with a sad heart what happened. Yet since pulling out of the USA, VooDoo has been alive and well in Japan all along. Shinji Mizutani has owned VooDoo Cycles since the beginning. He also runs his late father’s bicycle wholesale/distributor company called “ASAP” in Osaka (near Shimano Headquarters) in Japan’s bicycle city Sakai. Last summer, Shinji asked me to help get VooDoo rolling and up to speed again. So here you have it. VooDoo is back!
I may have to order a new bike. VooDoo Cycles can be found here.

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