Sunday, June 27, 2004

Juhu Beach

Haven't been keeping up the web site lately. I spent a stretch at home in NorCal, where I was lazy and just played golf all day, then got sent back to India for some work. I'll try and keep posting now that I am about to come back home for the July 4th holiday week.

This weekend I am spending my time at the Marriott at Juhu Beach in Mumbai, India. Although it is right on the beach, you really can't go out or you risk being overcome by (a) beggars and (b) the foul stench of Mumbai Bay (Indian Ocean). However, the view is quite nice -- hard to tell you aren't in the US East Coast.

As bad at that may seem, the hotel is really quite nice. Supposedly, all of the Bollywood stars stay here -- I certainly haven't seen one though. There is a cool pub where they show the UEFA Football championships and a fine bakery where you can pick up specialty foods (I'll have to post some of the strange cola they have there).
I'm off for Hyderabad tomorrow. Maybe my hotel there will be just as nice.

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