Saturday, April 17, 2004

Back To Mumbai

Traffic in India is chaotic at best, but today's ride has taken the cake. In India, there are a variety of vehicles on the road: push carts, small 100 cc motorcycles, bus, regular cars and the dreaded three wheelers.

Three-wheelers are the primary menace. While India traffic customs would shock most Western drivers (it isn't uncommon to see people driving on the wrong side of the road or even the sidewalk), the three wheelers take it to a new level: Sidewalk, wrong way down a one way street, even across grass. Between this cavelier attitude to driving norms and their absolute inability to stop at any intersection, this can try the patience of most other drivers.

Today, we basically hit two of them. It was almost comical if we haven't been doing about 30 MPH at the time. After we hit the first one, it hit another and then they both fell over (kinda like a bicycle). Everyone appeared to be alright, but my driver didn't wait around to find out.

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