Sunday, February 29, 2004

Housing Update (Final Stretch)

We are back at house hunting in ernest. After a lot of looking and some compromising, we decided on El Dorado Hills (EDH), California as our new home town. EDH is just outside Sacramento, about 55 miles from Lake Tahoe and nextdoor to Kelly's hometown of Folsom. We had wanted to move further up the I-50 corridor towards Tahoe, but lack of basic services (read: well water and no DSL) and uneven neighborhoods (lot of chicken coops in people's yards) made us gravitate back to outer suburbia.

On the selling front, things have finally been sorted out. All contingencies from the buyer were lifted this morning and we are just waiting to close the sale on the 9th of March. We even secured a rent-back agreement until March 22nd . . .And it looks like we might need it. Although I think we have finally found a place in EDH, we have competition. We put a offer in for the place today but someone else has also offered. We should hear something back tomorrow.

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